• Ochrona nieruchomości City Security





SUFO (Eng. Armed Security Specialised Squads), squads which are external security companies acting as internal security service providers. They are formed on the basis of the Polish Act on Persons and Property Protection of 1997 and controlled by the Chief Police. The key duties of SUFO is to provide security, especially to protect military facilities, escort people, cargo and military equipment.

SUFO units are private companies certified to provide protection services, and to possess bearer firearms license. SUFO's duties include providing security services in cooperation with the Police, Fire Department, Civil Protection Services and Municipal Guards.



Jerzy Mróz

A manager specialising in protection of obligatory security buildings and military units. He deals with documentation necessary to perform contracts, supervises security services and weapon storage rooms. It is he, who makes sure the adopted standards and procedures are applied while providing services.
In the past he served in the Police force, in prevention and criminal services and in services supporting police activities. During his professional carrier, he has worked in Counterterrorism Division in the Public Security Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Administration. Currently he holds the position of SUFO Operational Director in City Security, where he implements the experience and knowledge gained throughout his carrier.

Professional certificates

  • Listed as a qualified physical security officer,
  • Listed as a qualified technical security officer,
  • Possesses firearms license in the B, M, H and S category.


  • Higher education in legal and administrative law enforcement at Police Academy in Szczytno.
  • Master degree in law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin.
  • Post-graduate studies on Organisation and Management at Technical Military Academy in Warsaw.